A Fresh Cup of Joy and Connection for the Body, Mind and Soul in 2013

by Mona Saint M.D.

As a women’s health expert and mom I feel privileged to spend time with women during the most pivotal years of their lives.  I initially started this blog in 2008 to help inspire and help women including myself to live our best and most healthful lives.  For years in addition to my passions of caring for patients and being a mom I enjoyed answering your important health questions and discussing important health topics.  In recent years due to health challenges with my daughter I have explored many alternative forms of medicine and have loved and embraced the integrative approach.

Like all things in life change comes. As Lao Tzu says with every ending is a new beginning.  I have been studying for years numerous authors and engaging with thought leaders about how to live our best lives in every way. What is health without joy, purpose or connection in life? And without joy, purpose or connection combined with excessive stressors it is impossible to achieve optimal health and wellness.  It is all integrated. It is not only connected, it is a continuum; truly inseparable.

I have realized that the most powerful form of wellness is to embrace Eastern, Western, and other alternative modalities, and integrate them into a patient and individual specific approach for optimal health.

We are all connected.  Let’s dialogue and share and grow together in our pursuit of health, joy and purpose.  My intention is to share thoughts that have inspired and influenced me and bring a fresh cup of joy and connection for the body, mind and soul.


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