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Easy Ways to Get in Shape

by Mona Saint MD

Finding time to exercise and establishing a regular exercise routine is a challenge for many of us. Even though we can lose weight on a diet without exercise, for optimal health, regular exercise, even walking, at least 5 days a week should be the goal. I have found that for my patients and myself, the […]

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A study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that elective repeat cesarean delivery before 39 weeks increases the risks to the newborn. Risks can include respiratory problems, infection, low blood sugar, and prolonged hospitalizations. The good news is that the current standard of care is not to schedule elective cesarean deliveries before 39 […]

Researchers found an association with sleeping less than 7 hours a night and an almost 3 times risk of catching the common cold virus than those who slept 8 hours or more. Those who slept less and had poorer sleep quality had the highest risk. Sleep may play a role in the body’s response to […]

Women with preterm labor who were given intravenous magnesium sulfate were found to have newborns with a lower rate of cerebral palsy. Fortunately, magnesium sulfate is a commonly used medication in the U.S. to stop preterm labor in hospitalized patients, and this is a promising finding. Doyle LW, et al “Magnesium sulfate for women at risk of […]

Question: What is the deal with HPV? Am I doomed to get cancer someday since I was  told I have it on my Pap? I don’t smoke or anything and am married but am so stressed and not sure what to do? Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a virus spread through direct skin to skin […]

Diet Tips for the New Year

by Mona Saint MD

This is always a good time of year to think about ways to make our lives healthier and I know fitness and nutrition is at the top of my list especially after the holidays! When thinking about change, it can help to specifically define your goals and rationale and write them down in a positive […]

A small study showed that pregnant women who had a Vitamin D deficiency at delivery had a higher chance of delivering via cesarean section than those who were not deficient. There are many factors that can lead to a cesarean section and currently Vitamin D levels are not checked during pregnancy. However, I am a […]