How Long is Too Long For Birth Control Pills?

by Mona Saint MD

I got a frantic call from a friend who had come from the eye doctor who told her even though her vision was fine it wasn’t a good idea to be on the pill for more than a few years.  She mentioned that guys should take more responsibility for birth control and that my friend’s husband should wear condoms and she should stop the pill…  Is this true?

No, no and no!  Okay, first it seems like your eye doctor should turn off Gray’s Anatomy and stick with practicing Optometry.  The newer birth control pills are safe and effective not only for birth control but for cycle control, reducing cramps and bleeding, helping bone strength, and reducing ovarian cysts, acne and hair growth–to list a few benefits.  Also the pill reduces the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer.  The risks are similar to pregnancy related hormone risks and of course is not safe for everyone.  Women often stay on the pill for many years until they are ready to conceive and often go back on until menopause.  So my friend, your husband is off the hook for dredging up that old box of Trojans.